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The Creative Edge Purpose & Background


THE CREATIVE EDGE: THE WAY OF THE ARTS is a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in January 1989. It operates under IRS Code 501(c)(3) for the educational purpose of sponsoring programs that introduce and develop for individuals the inner creative process used by experienced artists of various fine arts disciplines. In particular, these programs are based on the belief that artistic expression consciously based on material from the psyche and expressed in one or more channels of artistic endeavor supports healthy development of both the individual and the society. Fundamental principles from Jungian, Transpersonal, and Process Oriented psychologies form a conceptual basis for this approach. The Creative Edge supports various programs and collaborative efforts that creatively serve the community.


Our thoughts and imaginings are fed continuously by our emotionally guided six senses. Mystically, we receive dreams and intuitions to evoke our imagination. Therefore, along life's way, we perceive and store a whole range of personal experiences and visions triggered by these processes.

Like creative artists of all kinds, we all have within our psyche this rich flowing wealth of personal and collective history and unexamined mysteries of creation. As a resource, it is a full treasure chest waiting to serve our glorious response to life. When we chose to manifest our unique expressions and bring them into the world in support of life, we fulfill our soul's gift to community, Spirit or to Divine Creation.

Our urge to express from the heart through our natural ability to sing, dance, draw, tell stories, write poetry, and make other highly creative expressions of all kinds from this personal wealth, provides a way to find, and meaningfully travel, the inner and outer roads of a rich life experience.

Instead of critical judgment, when we have appreciation and curiosity about our own and each other's personal process and creative expressions, a door opens to imagination, inspiration and our soul's deeper longing. An open supportive group with deep respect for each person's journey builds trust, provides safety for intimate sharing and promotes sacred witness. This facilitates spiritual and mystical aspects of life where meaningful collective themes spontaneously emerge. Thus we gain strength to share the universal joy and pain of being human and courage to creatively participate in service to life.


To support expression of individual creativity as a fundamental aspect of the human spirit.


Offer interactive art-based programs that develop each person's unique, intuitive creative potential, nurture imaginative expression, build self-confidence and awareness and foster creative communities.

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