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14 Basic Dreamwork Ideas

by Donald W. Mathews

1. Everything is a mystery! Give up the dividing line between dreams and reality.

2. All dreams are unique to the dreamer! However, they carry universal themes and patterns we can all use as our own dream.

3. All dreams are gifts from the heart! This is particularly true for nightmares! They also often have a sense of humor.

4. All actions are inherently neutral, neither good or bad! Appropriate use is our responsibility and makes the difference.

5. Intuition, knowing without reason, is our richest resource and best guide to understanding! However, it is often subtle and mysterious in meaning.

6. Look for the theme behind each dream! Then, look for a life experience that resonates.

7. Notice what catches your attention! Be curious about it, for it often has hidden purpose opening the door for intuition.

8. The projective process is a creative gift! It provides a screen, revealing what is hidden projected from our own psyche.

9. Let your imagination run freely! Be creative, letting various possibilities arise from the unconscious.

10. A whole cast of characters or energies lives in our psyche! Some are personal, others are collective. Some are known, others are disowned. Some "come in the window" unbidden without rhyme or reason.

11. "Know thy self(ves)!"Develop working relationships with all your inner characters or patterns.

12. "What's right about what's wrong?"is a key question!

13. Check out personal qualities of known dream figures! See how those qualities resonate with your own.

14. The age of a dream figure is often important! It sometimes resonates with an occurrence in your own life.

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