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"The importance of art lies not in the final product, but in how the act of creation can empower and transform, allowing the opportunity to gain greater awareness about inner and outer life."

—Carol Lynn Mathew-Rogers

Carol Mathew-Rogers is an artist, educator and writer. She is the new Executive Director of The Creative Edge, elected by the Board of Directors to lead this 27 year old non-profit into expanded territory. She holds a B.S. in Applied Behavioral Science with emphasis on psychology and sociology (UC Davis), and an M.A. in Arts & Consciousness, with emphasis on Transformative Arts (J.F. Kennedy University).

Ms. Mathew-Rogers is a skilled facilitator who has a unique sensitivity for encouraging personal growth in individuals. Her background in psychology and counseling reinforces her ability to intuitively identify and support each person's creative exploration. Her own extensive personal growth examination lends authenticity to her work at supporting the growth of others. She creates an atmosphere where curiosity and mindfulness are encouraged, and actively promotes artistic play. Her firm belief in the equality and worth of all people, as well as her comfort with the wide range of human emotions means her programs are safe venues for authentic expression.

Her workshops employ a variety of simple art techniques that allow participants to discover their own intuitive creativity in a non-judgmental environment. Because she believes that everyone has the innate ability to visualize and influence their own growth and healing, her focus is on strengthening each person's unique personal capacities, helping each artist to tap into their own inner wisdom. Important to her work is encouraging group conversations and sharing, creating close-knit communities of people exploring the common threads of their lives.

Ms. Mathew-Rogers has a depth of knowledge in the human services arena. Her experience includes youth, peer and employment counseling, as well as recruitment and liaison services. In addition, she is an accomplished administrator and manager, having successfully acted as editor, production manager, documentation specialist and analyst over the years.

Most recently she was the Director of Creative Arts for the Spirit in the Arts Program at the Bread of Life Center in Sacramento, a program she has been engaged in for eleven years. During that time she ran a highly successful open art studio, (which often had over 400 visits per month by artists from all walks of life), and co-facilitated a flourishing women's art group that ran at capacity (15) for over seven years. In addition, she coordinated arts-based workshops facilitated by numerous educators, built a comprehensive volunteer program from scratch, and supervised staff and volunteers while developing and facilitating a variety of arts-based workshops. In 2015 she turned her attention to expanding Creative Edge programs, opening a Sacramento area branch and offering a variety of creative arts experiences.

Carol has now developed the Healing Arts Project, where she brings art into medical communities. This project is designed to provide stimulating creative art processes, such as collage, mandalas and stamp printing, which help patients and visitors relieve the tedium that often results from waiting for medical appointments or receiving extended medical services. The art, as well as Carol's willingness to encourage and discuss difficult subjects, provides a way for participants to visually verbalize formidable emotions that arise from medical challenges.

Married over thirty-five years, she has five grandsons from her daughter and son's marriages. For her own creative expression, she creates three-dimensional found-object sculptures and writes poetry and short stories. Her own artwork reflects her personal challenging journey into awareness and wholeness.

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