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"Come with me into the great hall of my heart. I will light the candle of my thoughts and I invite you to light yours."

—Donald William Mathews

Donald William Mathews is an artist, educator and Founding Director of The Creative Edge where he teaches and edits the website. He has diverse degrees and professional experience with teaching credentials in education, management, fine arts, engineering and mathematics. He has studied and gained wide experience in various psychologies and other disciplines searching for a deep understanding of the human experience, creativity and spirituality.

In particular, he has been involved over the years with the Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Process Oriented Psychology. He facilitates trust and intimacy in order to find wisdom from individuals and groups based on his continuing journey learning from life. Married over 62 years to his musician wife Lou, they have 3 daughters, 7 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren.

E-Mail: Donald@creative-edge.org

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