Through interactive group programs, we encourage each person’s unique creative potential by nurturing imaginative expression.

Participation leads to increased self-confidence and self-awareness and the development of intuitive creative tools.

Organizations and other communities positively benefit from each individual’s amplified presence, inclusivity, intimacy and creativity.

At the Creative Edge, We Invite You to:

Listen to Your Inner Wisdom:

Our programs encourage participants to tap into the rich, flowing wealth of their thoughts and imaginings. We recognize that each of us are fed continuously by our emotionally guided six senses, as well as dreams and intuitions, and we can use our experiences to create very personal expressions for our own self-learning.

Express Your Creativity:

We each have a natural urge and ability to be creative. Our programs encourage you to tap into your inner resouces and creatively paint, sculpt, tell stories, sing, dance, and write poetry from your heart. This provides a way to find, and meaningfully travel, the inner and outer roads of a rich life experience.

woman shows her completed canvas

Find Support on Your Journey:

Instead of critical judgment, we build trust and provide safety for intimate sharing. Our workshops are based on appreciation and curiosity about each participant’s personal process and creative expressions, opening doors to imagination, inspiration and the soul’s deeper longing.

Contribute to Our Creativity Forum:

​We invite you to share your creative explorations with the world by contributing to our online Creativity Forum. Sharing your work with others is a way to validate your efforts, and gives your singular view as a gift to the world. This is particularly powerful if you have never done this before. To reveal your personal thoughts and feelings in the public arena is to let yourself down into life in a very special way. To do this with appreciation for your fellow online travelers helps to build a trusting community for us all.

We Offer:

What are We About?


Inside each heart beating in this world,
a quiet place awaits.
Though your life may be an arid desert
swept into dunes of despair,
a quiet place awaits.
Though your life may be tangled and overgrown choked by
the clinging needs of others,
a quiet place awaits.
Heavy waves of grief may threaten to
drown your very soul as you
gasp for every breath
still, a quiet place awaits.
Let the soft pulse of your heart
be the hymn that sings you home
into that quiet place of spacious hope
devoted tenderness and everlasting love
a silent sanctuary just waiting for you.

Carol Lynn Mathew-Rogers
April 22, 2019
“This is what The Creative Edge is all about”
woman veteran shows her art

Using intuitive art to express and grow!