Thank you for your interest in exploring an offering through The Creative Edge (CE). We are always interested in collaborating with artists and educators to offer high quality experiences, and welcome new ideas and modalities. Please review the following information, and if you believe your offering would fit our organization, fill out the attached facilitator query form.


Vision: To support expression of individual creativity as a fundamental aspect of the human spirit.

Mission: Offer interactive art-based programs that develop each person’s unique, intuitive creative potential, nurture             imaginative expression, build self-confidence and self-awareness, and foster creative communities.

Our primary focus is on practices and processes to enhance all creative expression.

We believe that our human urge to express from the heart through our natural ability to sing, dance, draw, tell stories, write poetry, and make other highly creative expressions of all kinds from this personal wealth, provides a way to find, and meaningfully travel, the inner and outer roads of a rich life experience.

Instead of critical judgment, when we have appreciation and curiosity about our own and each other’s personal process and creative expressions, a door opens to imagination, inspiration and our soul’s deeper longing. An open, supportive group with deep respect for each person’s journey builds trust, provides safety for intimate sharing, and promotes sacred witness. This facilitates spiritual and mystical aspects of life where meaningful collective themes spontaneously emerge. Thus we gain strength to share the universal joy and pain of being human and courage to creatively participate in service to life.

We value programs that emphasize experiences for the participant, where the focus is not on the knowledge of the facilitator but on the participant’s inherent wisdom. In other words, we value process over product, although some technique-based offerings will be considered. We prefer teaching that is concrete and grounded in experience rather than abstract and conceptual.

AGREEMENTS: All facilitators collaborating with CE are independent contractors, not employees. As such, facilitators are responsible for all financial reporting to tax authorities (we provide a 1099 form for those who make over $600/year). CE agrees to publicize your event on our website, in electronic newsletters, social media and limited other avenues. We create & provide electronic flyers, and 25 paper copies for your distribution. In return, we ask each facilitator to donate a percentage back to our organization to support our programs. The standard donation is 25% of the workshop fees after expenses if the course is held at the facilitator’s site, (75% goes to facilitator) or 35% after expenses if the course is held at the CE home site (65% goes to facilitator). Each facilitator is responsible for all other marketing, the success of which is dependent on the facilitator’s efforts.

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After we receive your completed query (below), you can expect to hear back from us quickly, usually within a week. When we perceive alignment with our mission, vision and values, you will be invited to an interview. A final decision will be made by the staff team after the interview. The successful candidate will be asked to complete an event prospectus and to begin working with us on promotional materials and process.

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