She became aware of the music first,
a faraway tickle of notes
dancing upon the spring-like air
rising and falling as if from
a songbird’s feathered throat.

She felt herself lean into the sound
just the smallest hope in her hips
unfelt longing in her toes
and she turned with a faint smile on her lips
as if to join in the chorus.

Warmth came next
the soothing cloak of sunlight
caressing her firm arms
a radiant hug welcoming her
to this unfamiliar place.

The heat kissed her limbs
and she looked down in amazement
to see tanned legs emerge from a
swishy white skirt dancing lightly
on her youthful waist.
Pleased, she twisted
     left then right
          and back again
the swirl of skirt a fabric response to
the musical notes that now
vibrated around her.

Up on her perky toes she went
a pirouette
     a sway
          a quirky kick
moved her in joyful circles
arms flowing and waving
embracing the air as if
she were in love.

Childlike she danced
in this dream so far from
the stale hospital air
where she took her last breath.

She danced in this dream
with all her heart
and knew she had
come home.

Carol Mathew-Rogers
May 2018