The Creative Edge, for me, has been a beautiful source of connection with like-minded and hearted souls who seek a deeper, more authentic co-creation with Life.
Allowing for my own unique expression opens me to my innate innocence and the potential to free myself from any unconscious conditioning or inherited beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me.
Every time I engage in the creative process, a part of me is exploring these questions:
“Who Am I ?”
“What part am I to play in Life?”
“What is my unique purpose?”
“How May I better serve those I love?”
 “What is the meaning of Life?”
What a wonderful inquisitive exploration to engage in! Creativity is a tool allowing for meaning-making in a time when people are struggling to understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self.
The Creative Edge has become part of my extended family who walks on the edge of creative exploration with me. It is a true blessing in my life and one that sends beautiful ripples out into the world around me. I am honored and profoundly grateful to be a small part of it.