January 2015

Louise Gray Tindell:

There are no mistakes, no coincidences.
All events are blessings given to us to learn from.
—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I said goodbye to my uncle, Frank Palmer, January 24, 2015. His casket was lowered as I drop my lily and tears over him. I realized he was the last of our previous generation. He was 87 years young when he passed leaving behind family, friends, and our memories. I hadn’t been in Uncle Bud’s Church for a few years but it brought back many remembrances of the singing, the music, and gathering in the social hall. It helped to be surrounded by my extended family. At the service, my cousin, David told us about a car accident with my grandmother driving. The front window was smashed leaving Buddy with a deep cut next to his eye. My grandmother never drove again, so my uncle wasn’t the only one traumatized by the accident. Buddy was 12 years old feeling so scarred that no one would look at him, and became embarrassed and shy. After a length of time, my grandmother went to the local Boy Scout Leader and asked if he could help my uncle. With the help of the Scout Leader, Buddy did heal and regain his confidence. Later in life, Uncle Bud had realized his heart was scarred too and finally was able to release his pain. When I first heard his story, I felt very sad. As I grew older, I recognized I also felt scarred inside. Through many opportunities, I have released much of my inside pain.

We are the current generations now with our children and grandchildren, the builders and guardians of the future they will live in. Many family and friends have passed and I know I will die someday. Death is another part of the cycle of life and comes to all of us some day, a reality I am getting used to. I am so fortunate that I can appreciate each day. Some of you know that my husband and I have two grandsons at our home on Monday through Friday. Everyday brings an exciting, creative adventure as our grandchildren develop, creating new memories which we will treasure.

A few days ago, I was holding my grandson, Christopher and giving him a bottle of milk. He looks up each time, seeing a swirling hat I made a few years ago, a hat covered with feathers, shells with a furry bird inside. The inspiration came from Guam when I was visiting with my goddess daughter, Lynn and her baby, CJ. I so appreciate having several years of “Spirit in the Arts” at our Wednesday’s Women’s Art Group. Luckily now, Carol Mathew-Rogers, also a Creative Edge Board Member, has started “Playing on the Edge.” Several friends have come together again for art. We take some time to visit, than we “try” to focus on our pieces in silence. I have a piece which isn’t finished, but I so enjoy letting the muse guide me as the piece transforms. My soul feels the richness!