Healing Spirit Sculptures
A day of self-discovery and awareness

“The (sculptures) you create begin to express your authentic self, full of creativity, enthusiasm and vitality. Through the creative work you become a whole person with a range and depth of feelings. You come to trust your intuition and cultivate an inner life shaped by awareness.”    Unknown source, from ‘The Healing Doll Way’ by Barb Kobe


Join us for a relaxing day of self-discovery as you create a mixed-media sculpture that embodies your own healing energy. Bringing your intuitive wisdom to life through your art can help release negative thoughts and fears that can block your body’s ability to heal itself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your completed sculpture will remind you of your own healing powers.

Through guided visualization you will invoke a representation of your own healing spirit which you will bring into form using sticks, cloth, beads and a host of other materials. Sharing with other creative explorers will lend a compassionate and communal essence to the experience, deepening your understanding and widening your appreciation for the similar journeys of others. This expressive art form is intuitive and doesn’t require any previous art experience – just a willingness to open up to discovery and delight.

Testimonials about workshops facilitated by
Carol Mathew-Rogers:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Saturday in your home. It was so peaceful and fun and meaningful and memorable. I’m still soaking it in. I really love how your “invitations” prompted ideas and expression… each one of us having a unique and personal experience.  It’s much more than an art class! Your guidance set the tone, and I’m so grateful for the way you held space for us all.”   TL


“I feel unable to fully express my deep appreciation for the exceptional environment you provide. I like the words; the poetry I’d never read on my own, the guided imagery, and the discussions of what would be called philosophy in the olden days. The thought-provoking themes you help us explore, by using such a wide variety of art materials, enriches my life. Playing with art materials in a non-judgmental setting fills me with joy!”  CS

Sunday July 28, 2019
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Carol Mathew-Rogers, MA
Creative Edge, Fair Oaks
Fee: $80 per person,
paid in advance.
A limited number of partial
scholarships are available
upon request on a first-come,
first-served basis.

Register by check made out to
The Creative Edge, mailed to
8822 Swallow Way, Fair Oaks
CA 95628
use the link below.


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