I am the air. I am the sea too.
Still sharing
The joy and inspiration of me
With you,
The sand
The dream.

The horizon
And incoming tide
Offer me amazing treasures
From deep recesses.
Witness to the wounded,
Weathered feet,
Still leaping in my mind.

I have feasted
On fresh abalone, snails,
Seaweed and fishes
From waters
That tossed me back
Unsuitable for the taking then.
A castaway…
Miraculous survivor
Of shipwrecks (a few);
An ‘old salt’ rescued
On the beach of your embrace.

© Gary Ibsen Trust 6/28/2019
beach scene








I’m resting on a beach in Mendocino, while listening to the joyful squeals of our grandchildren having tide pool adventures with Dagma. 6/27/19

man leaping at ocean's edge

Leaping ‘for the joy of it’ in the summer of 2000.
Photo: by Dagma Lacey


Gary Ibsen
June 28, 2019