photo of Barbara Rose Shuler




 The invitation to join the Creative Edge board over 30 years ago has proven over and over a great gift in my life.  Most important are the people I have met, worked with and learned from throughout these decades.  They are creative, generous and inspiring souls, each with a passion for artistic expression, for self-discovery and a desire to share their creative riches with others.

 Throughout my association with Creative Edge, I have been involved professionally in various ways with the media: as a writer, radio broadcaster and program creator.   Much of this work has involved writing columns, features and critiques about performing arts.  On radio, I have hosted music programs, interview shows as well as other on-air focuses, often with arts related themes. 

The very name of this organization is a reminder that the heart of the creative process is about reaching beyond boundaries into the unknown, to the undiscovered realms that deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves.  The Creative Edge has served as a vibrant touchstone and resource for so many of us over the years.  It’s exciting to witness the expansion of the organization’s bounty to Sacramento, knowing the rewards that await this community.