The deep background for this structure is my childhood in upper eastern Tennessee. There was a door there, and the door is still there. I can freely walk through this door no matter where I am on Earth, no matter how old I am, no matter what drama is unfolding. Through this door, past, present, and future form a threshold—which I can pass through facing one way, let’s say an Alpha direction, or facing the other way, let’s say, an Omega direction. As I continue this life journey through time, and yet free of time, I experience this doorway as a veil comprised of many veils—and one veil. Born in the Milky Way, we all may say. . .
The [Pentecost veil] is one component in a larger installation titled [Antechamber]. Veil is 51” x 26” x 3.5.” Antechamber is 77” x 34” x 23.”

John Dotson
Carmel, CA
June 2017