Savor your life
as if it were
a blue ceramic bowl
just the size to
fit into your hand
full to the brim
with plump red berries
the ones grown
by stooped old farmers
in their own
perfect gardens
not the ones flown in
from some else’s
faraway life.

Savor your life
as if each day
drips with juicy possibility
as if the act alone
of picking one
from your bowl
is a poem
a prayer.

Bring it close
inhale the ripe
summer perfume
feel the soft warm skin
give under your fingertips
bite into the lush fruit
of each unknowable
delicious moment
and feel your
succulent joy
escape past your
smiling lips
the taste of each
sweet second
a gift to
your soul.

Carol Mathew-Rogers
May 7, 2019