January 2017

Laura Carley:

The dark winter season often poses challenges to my connection with the creative flow. Holiday distractions meld with the desire to indulge in warm blankets of comfort. I imagine my muse being content, enough, curled up on a pillow beside to my head, lending color and dimension to my dreams.

This season, further challenges emanate from political uncertainty. Disappointment, confusion, and fear, whether arising from within, or absorbed from saturated air, they are all obstacles which impede or divert the flow of life.

Before a diversion is completely processed, another soon pokes and provokes me. As hours spent on my artistic endeavors wane, it can seem as though my muse has moved elsewhere, and has taken my creative energy with her.

If I pay close enough attention, though, I can see that not only is my muse still curled up on my pillow, at night, but also perched on my shoulder, throughout the day. Her expressions shift in frequency and tenor, requiring a level of concentration to discern her messages from the crowd of competing thoughts.

I ask her if she might have some advice to offer regarding how to stay in sync with the dynamic creative flow, in changing and challenging times.

She whispers, “The flow is easy enough to follow, when it’s not obstructed. Obstacles may be overcome, as they have been in the past. Light, love, attention, and detachment are capable of shifting doubt, fear, confusion, and desire. The surging current also lends its power for leverage.”

She pauses, as I contemplate times in which my attempts to use these tools to overcome hindrances had resulted in inefficient, energy drains, with little forward progress. I wonder if she might offer any extra hints for such times.

“Try using mirrors,” she replies to my thought.

“When you are stuck behind obstacles within yourself, you may shine your creative light on something which needs attentions in the world. You may share your words with someone who needs to hear them, or listen when someone needs to be heard. You may contribute to a creative movement, or simply to a moment of beauty, joy, or inspiration.”

“Likewise, when you are distracted or discouraged by feelings of powerlessness against outside threats or injustices, try turning the mirror inward, and work with me to release fears, clarify confusion, and strengthen trust and resolve. Some days you may find the need to flip these mirrors back and forth, many times.”

“Try using mirrors,” she quietly repeats, with a smile, as she curls up for a mid-day nap. “That’s something to reflect upon.”

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