‘Seek Not to Find the ‘SAME’
in things
from past experience,
A treasured moment, or a kiss.

I had a dream last night that led me on a path of inquiry and recognition:
of myself, of us, of perfection in the moment.

When I catch myself looking back in time,
in appreciation of a sensual, emotional or spiritual experience of perfection, that gave me
great pleasure or comfort,
I’m inclined to want the ‘same’ again.
However, there is not now,
nor will there ever be again…
the ‘same’

Therefore, I nourish myself with memory,
And return to the moment of NOW
to find the splendor of perfection
In creation…
versus replication.

I use my reference to perfections past
as touchstones;
foundation to inspire new adventures.
My recipe
for another awesome moment
of perfection
is to be available
for the next experience of perfection
in every moment.

We were meant to be curious and amazed…
a ‘discoverer of miracles.’
Being so will keep us young
with fresh eyes.

I trust our potential
to attract perfection
to all the moments in life.
And when I look into your eyes again
it will be
the first time.

Love doesn’t ask
anything ‘same’ of us.
Only the truth
of who we are

© Gary Ibsen Trust 7-16-19

art photo of torso with tomatoe

 Photo: “Heirloom Tomato as Art Within Shadow,”
by Gary Ibsen

Gary Ibsen
July 16, 2019