“Giving of any kind begins the process of change,
and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe.”

– Mbali Creazzo

The Creative Edge depends on the interaction and backing of people like you in order to successfully accomplish our mission of offering “interactive art-based programs that develop each person’s unique, intuitive creative potential, nurture imaginative expression, build self-confidence and awareness and foster creative communities.”

There are multiple ways you can support us: Sharing your writing and art, becoming a donor, donating art supplies and volunteering.

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We invite you to become a donor in support of Creative Edge by voluntary donation, fully tax deductible in the USA. Creative Edge is also qualified to receive matching fund grants from your employer. Your donations primarily support our community outreach programs. There are no paid employees at Creative Edge, only dedicated volunteers.

Suggested levels:

 Patron of the Arts ($100 plus)
Partner of the Arts ($25 plus)
Companion of the Arts ($10 plus)

Special recognition for large one-time gifts!


Donate online or by check:

Donate by check in US dollars to:
The Creative Edge
8822 Swallow Way
Fair Oaks, CA USA

A huge heartfelt thank you

to all our donating members!

Your continued support helps keep

our unique programs accessible to everyone.

Special Recognition Gifts:

In honor of Lou Mathews 2022
Kyla & Ray Cyr
Nohema Fernandez
Isabelle Long
Barbara Rose Shuler
Dean Provence

Eva Lee Arriaga 2021
“In memory of her aunt Angie Stanley,
in honor of her Veteran uncle Everett Stanley”

Donald & Lou Mathews 2019-2023
Robin Mathews Johnson 2018, 2020-2023
Nancy Drewek 2017
Patty Waldin 2017


Kristine Cantrell
Kyla & Ray Cyr
Carol Keegan
Laura Garfinkel
Eva Lee Arriaga
Robin Mathews Johnson
Nancy Drewek
Donald & Lou Mathews
Carol & Richard Mathew-Rogers
Lynda Hughes
Franz Spickhoff
Illia Thompson
Herman Van Gansen
Barbara Rose Shuler
Ann Foley
Marlie Avant


Alison Tomei
Laura Carley
Louise Gray Tindell
Lynn Hawley
Christie Hanley
Anne Evans
Helen Okamoto
Melissa Barbour
Sandra Lommasson
Kathi Sanders
Billie Snow


Talib Huff
Toni Tiedeman


Contribute to Our Creativity Forum

We believe in supporting the efforts of our readers by publishing submissions on our Creativity Forum and inviting conversation about shared themes and the creative process in general.  We invite you to submit your creative work, as well as your responses to the entries and your own musings about the creative process, for publication as a way to share your gifts and thoughts with the world.

View, Comment, Contribute here.


Donate Art Supplies

These are some of the most needed supplies, but we will consider other art materials.

  • Acrylic craft paints
  • Liquid watercolors & inks
  • Canvas boards and small framed canvas
  • Thin wire: jewelry wire, wrapping wire
  • Glue: glue sticks, white glue, tacky glue,rubber cement, glue gun glue sticks
  • Artist pens (specialty markers)
  • Designer papers for collage
  • Encaustic wax
  • Miniatures & small found objects
  • Good quality paper: drawing, watercolor, painting

To donate supplies, email Carol at carol@creative-edge.org


We have a need for a few skilled (or at least enthusiastic) volunteers who are willing to work independently. Your work would be based out of your own home, with intermittent face-to-face meetings with us and regular communication via email and phone. Hours, days and times are completely negotiable. The karma points you will earn and the inner pleasure you will get from helping us out will be immeasurable! Please contact Carol Mathew-Rogers if you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteers needed now:

SOCIAL MEDIA GURU:  Willing to post regularly on Facebook and other social media sites as well as respond to social media questions and comments. Content outlines will be provided.