The shape of your smile
Caught me up like a hungry fish
And lay me flapping about
In the bottom of your boat,
In the fractured light
and splendor of another sunset.
A willing Prisoner of Love.

Within the shimmering of tall grasses
And the dance of lilies
in the wind,
I am rendered complete,
as your steward and companion.
In service to your love song.

Our Garden of Edibles, herbs and
Ornamentals is, to me, an ocean
Of possibility.
My boat on sea breezes
Sails me away
Into thoughts of you
Before, and after, we joined in soil
made fertile by our arrival.

And as you turned your attention
Toward tomorrow,
I measured the heartbeats that
Called for your return.
And lay them out
Like prayer-flags;
Seeds for your taking.

I see my self in your eyes.
Feel the touch of me 
In your hand.
Who of us is the bee,
And who the flower
In the breath of any moment?


© Gary Ibsen Trust 7/8/19
Photo by Dagma Lacey

 close up of flower







Gary Ibsen
July 8, 2019