This poem is a bit old, I was walking by the Monterey Library and saw this little plastic shoe with all kinds of bling on it laying in the gutter. I am sending it because I am, to paraphrase a Greek Fisherman, “I am fillered up with politics!”

September 6, 2007- 1:57 pm

the shiny silver shoe
lost its little girl
decided to sit down
in the gutter
by the library
to figure it out
what to do
laying in the litter
beside the road
far from home
and the little girl
with a fancy dress
that always made
the two
look so nice
at the parties
with friends
playing pin the tail
on the donkey
and laughing
drinking cool aid
till it came out of their noses
oh little shoe
I hope you find
your little girl
and dance away
till a new dawn

Stephen Brown
Del Rey Oaks, CA
March 2017