photo of Nancy Drewek





I’ve had the pleasure to participate in many creative programs led by Carol Mathew-Rogers.  I was very reluctant at first to join in, believing that I wasn’t good enough to measure up to other participants.  What I discovered is that within each of us is an artist, a writer, a poet, someone who, given the opportunity and a supportive atmosphere, will enjoy learning with the guidance of Carol, Creative Edge’s Executive Director.  

Creative Edge participants and instructors do not evaluate an artist’s work.  They may offer advice, if asked, or teach a new technique.  In Creative Edge, everyone participates as artists with no critics, in a very supportive environment.  After many years of participating, I’m much more comfortable trying new things, or even working with materials that I may not think I like.  Now, I know I’m an artist and I look forward to many more years of discovering more about the artist within me and sharing the experiences with other artists.  

As a retired elementary school teacher, it’s great to be able to participate as a learner.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned to pass along some of my experiences and to have fun “playing” with art.