When I discovered Creative Edge at age forty, I was an art teacher seeking a creative salve for my growth.  I now realize that what I found was connection with a supportive network.  How did this happen?  This was always the first step as we gathered:  a short sharing of concerns (what was working us).  When shared in a circle that was inclusive, accepting, and nurturing, we found common ground and often a theme emerged.  The next part of each meeting was to offer words, images, music (our creative endeavors). We were learning to share, to listen, to inspire, to find our own way—empowered by this circle of community—a loving, loosely woven net of safety, meaning, and metaphor,acalm centering and an opening to our own creative life.

At the age of seventy, I am seeking simplicity and stillness.  I still long for focused sharing within the limits of time.  I am on the board of Creative Edge because I know creativity is a way to engage with a meaningful life.  One of my growing edges is to find understanding in the metaphors of my dreams and continue to listen and learn from shared experiences.