January 2017

Kyla Cyr:

Dream work continues as a threshold, which catches my attention and brings creative growth. I had this dream where I am in this oceanfront house that is For Sale in the $300,000 range; I am thinking that we can afford it. There are white walls and drapes. I have a teakettle of boiling water that I am reaching up as high as I can to pour the hot water on the drapes. Then I look up at the highly pitched cathedral ceiling and see that there are brown stains on the walls, indicating that there are serious leaks. I decide to tell Ray that the house has too many problems, so we won’t try for it after all.

When opening to the metaphor of this dream, I realize I am feeling that oceanfront, at the edge of universal consciousness, is available, affordable and within reach of my individual consciousness. I am starting to “get it” and reflect the light on the white walls. Drapes, which are used to close off the view of the sea of the unconscious, are being purified and cleaned by my effort to reach up as high as possible to pour boiling water on them. A view of the sea would transport me away from the mundane and provide respite from troubles.

The highly pitched ceiling indicates such a roof should shed the leaks of grief that seep thru and ruin things. Serious leaks are evidence of the sorrows of the world seeping inside and drowning out the hope and potential shown in the first part of the dream. The ideal of tapping into universal consciousness is now closed off when ego observes problems and closes off the possibility.

The ego sees too many problems and abandons the search; the unconscious breaks open beyond worldly thinking. I need to keep my highest self in focus and find ways to help, to care and to share.

I hope to take life to the shore’s edge and focus on a distant horizon where sea and sky blend in expansive, expressive explorations of psychic awareness. I believe the revelations of dreams show a way forward. This evocative and evolved consciousness grows ever outward from a deep inner core of discovery. I will build toward a spiraling beauty—like a nautilus shell—one dream at a time. Each piece is another aspect, integrated as another segment of wholeness forms around the creative self.

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