Spring will arrive again
as it always has
before and after
then and now.
The scent of it
lain in the mind.
Blossoms poking their heads
above the snow.
Whiteness reflecting color
to the edge of time.
Through halls of memory
down the cascade
of time long gone.
Past the hellish
fire bound sites
that float on the surface
then disappear.
Rolling on and on
grinding the granite
rocks to sand.
Standing at an angle
to the sun.
Watching shadows
on the moon.
The pain.
of others
flicker images.
The journey wanders on.
All of the gods
from all of the lands
have settled into above.
The shallow plain
that protects this earth
holds us all
under a blanket of air
By now we had
witnessed it
from afar.
On our way to the moon.
Yet cannot believe how small we are
The un-nameable force
that put this rocky globe
right where it is . . .
A hurtling mass
bound through the universe
. . . to who knows where?

Stephen Brown
Del Rey Oaks, CA
May 2017