January 2017

Donald Mathews:

As I looked back through my thoughts on creativity for A’musings over the last 20 years, these favorite pet thoughts of mine reemerged as relevant once more, particularly in times of change like these.

“Trust the process! Have courage! Have faith in life’s evolutionary process! Be inclusive! Listen to your own deep inner voice (The Muse)! Be unafraid, or sometimes na•ve! Find the gift in the unwanted, or undesirable! Practice letting go! Carefully explore impulses that come unexpectedly! Let go of fear! Enjoy the slowing down that comes with aging, and befriend death!”

There are two areas in the world where significant change is happening now. One is with the Creative Edge organization. The other is after the surprising result of the recent presidential election. Both areas of change affect me and require my creative attention, and perhaps, for you too.

For the last 27 years the Creative Edge has been my pet project, as I nurtured it to maturity hosting many well-known facilitators and their programs. However, in recent years, I stopped expanding and began downsizing programs to better fit my own decreasing energies. Now, a new expansion of programs is again taking place, as I have given over leadership of Creative Edge, as President and General Manager, to my daughter Carol.

Recently elected as our new President, and Executive Director for day-to-day operations of Creative Edge, Carol Mathew-Rogers is busy creating the new Sacramento head office. She is developing creative programs of her own, and finding new creative programs with other facilitators. She has also instituted big improvements on the Creative Edge web site for the Corporation. Many of these changes are improvements I might have resisted in the past, but now I am able to whole-heartedly endorse. For me, it is an important stepping down, and letting go, to allow for a new positive relationship with Creative Edge. For me, it is the same letting go a parent often does with their children, when their children have become grown adults.

With President-elect Donald Trump, it is hard for me to be unafraid, have courage, and trust the process. It is hard to set aside some of my negative impulses, be inclusive, and have faith in life’s larger evolutionary process. Also, I must remember that sometimes it is the destructive process in the darkest of times that finally brings forth a new and better one. In this case, I try to have faith that our established constitutional system of government will carry us through this set of challenging changes in a positive manner. Hopefully the better nature of Donald and his Cabinet members will prevail, and they make the best over-all decisions for the nation while they are in office. In the end it is just like any another creative project. Sometimes we must risk losing what we have, to gain something better.

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