morning arrives
illuminates landscapes
welcome beginnings

thus I arise
breathe in day’s essence
smile my gratitude

a backward glance
reveals my journey
through the years

profound storms
difficult roads
find me well-well-guided

this dependable gift
from indiscernible source
accompanies me

as morning arrives
illuminated landscapes
welcome beginnings


As I live beyond my fourscore ten years, I find myself joyous, not in the sense as a young child when I found my cone holding a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sheer delight, but rather in daily flow of grace the finds me as I continue my journey.  After receiving a degree in education from Antioch College in Ohio, where we studied part time and worked real jobs part time, I began my educational career, which now holds all positions from preschool to college in my resume.  Currently, I facilitate seniors writing their life stories, and find that most satisfying, as we share on deep levels and my life becomes enriched by their stories, as well as offers me an audience for mine.

I was a shy youngster, arriving at the age of six, not knowing English,  from Portugal, with my immigrant family, settling in Forest Hills , New York, a suburb of the city.  In high school one teacher, Mr. Calitri, recognized my writing talent, and sparked my confidence.

The Creative Edge entered my life many years ago. I have no recollection how I learned about it, why I became dedicated to it, or even when I was asked to become a Board member.

 Time frames escape me often.

 I play with words now, toss them, let them land on paper to be moved about at my will.  I am grateful to the Creative Edge for a platform to share writing and paintings,  and for the gift of being present as others show their talents. It is a safe place, which means much to me.  I sometimes hold Journaling Workshops where words and art hold hands.

On a more personal side, I have three children, a son and daughter from my family where divorce rendered us apart, and one child from second marriage, where my husband died when our son was sixteen, and the growth through that experience still informs my life.  Currently, I find myself delighted to share commonality with a man with whom I can play well as our love grows.  He is even older than I!

DO each day continues to be a gift.  Current cataract surgery allows me to see more clearly. Maybe it will also inform my inner vision, ready to offer new insights.