To support expression of individual creativity as a fundamental aspect of the human spirit


Offer interactive art-based programs that develop each person’s unique, intuitive creative potential, nurture imaginative expression, build self-confidence and awareness and foster creative communities.


THE CREATIVE EDGE: THE WAY OF THE ARTS is a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in January 1989. It operates under IRS Code 501(c)(3) for the educational purpose of sponsoring programs that introduce and develop for individuals the inner creative process used by experienced artists of various fine arts disciplines. In particular, these programs are based on the belief that artistic expression consciously based on material from the psyche and expressed in one or more channels of artistic endeavor supports healthy development of both the individual and the society. Fundamental principles from Jungian, Transpersonal, and Process Oriented psychologies form a conceptual basis for this approach. The Creative Edge supports various programs and collaborative efforts that creatively serve the community.


Creative Edge programs tap into the explosive energy available in humans when they cross edges of fear into their own undeveloped creative potential. It is not necessary to become trained artists in order to realize this important human asset. To develop the full craft of an artist requires a great deal of effort and is only for a few dedicated people. Rather the primary task for most of us is to learn how to connect to the muse of our own inner Godhead, or deeper self, and express in our daily lives the universal creative flow available in all of us.

Each time our mysterious inner themes are developed esthetically, powerful new insight is gained into the emerging content of our deeper self, the content of who we are uniquely. The more we know and share of both the secret and unconscious parts of ourselves, the more possibility there is for support and relationship with each other. Through this inner strength we can become vulnerable, able to claim our own mature truths and support others in their similar quest. When we each take this important personal step, we can create an evolutionary leap on the planet together.


“I look forward to the monthly Creative Edge gatherings because they support me creatively, socially and spiritually.  Lately I am noticing a shift in how I think of myself as having an “artistic license” to create meaning and beauty in my life.  This awareness makes me feel very grateful and empowered. Spending time with other creative and like-minded spirits in a structured setting, with ample support and encouragement, feeds my soul deeply.  I learn a lot about myself during the creative process, and when I reflect on my creations after the fact.  Lori H.


The founder, volunteers, and facilitators of The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts believe that all peoples and their cultures contribute to the meaning and understanding of our shared humanity and should be honored. Our vision is to always support the expression of individual creativity as a fundamental aspect of the human spirit. Our non-profit exists to provide a clearinghouse for facilitators from any community or cultural group to offer their unique creative programing. We condemn the systematic racism, ageism, injustice, and inequality that continue to exist in our community. We never discriminate against facilitators or program participants based on sex, age, race, color, national or ethnic origin. Our programs are open to all.


The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts is a California non-profit Corporation managed by the father and daughter team of Donald Mathews on the Monterey Peninsula, and Carol Mathew-Rogers in the Sacramento area. They both facilitate programs in their respective areas. Originally started in Monterey 30 years ago, Creative Edge is now located in Fair Oaks, near the state capital. While only the Creative Arts Gathering (enthusiastically ongoing for over 20 years!) is offered in the Monterey area now, multiple workshops are offered throughout the year in the greater Sacramento area.

Founder of the organization, Donald lives in the Forest Hill retirement community in Pacific Grove, where he hosts the Creative Arts Gathering, a monthly group of artists, musicians, poets, writers and photographers who come together to share their lives and creative work. On the Founder’s page you can find out about how he started Creative Edge, learn the story about our unique logo, and read samples of the poetry from his book.

In 2016 Carol took over operation of Creative Edge as Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors. She has been active on the Creative Edge Board since 2007, and worked for 14 years for another non-profit arts organization. Recognizing that her own work facilitating art paralleled the work of Creative Edge, and appreciating the legacy of her father’s work, she agreed to step into active leadership. She facilitates numerous groups in the Sacramento area, arranges for other facilitators to offer programs and is growing a program to bring art into medical settings.

                        OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS 

Carol Mathew-Rogers
Talib Huff
Don Mathews
Richard Mathew-Rogers
Ann Foley
Nancy Drewek

President/Executive Director
Vice President/Assistant Executive Director