My Life has never been ‘the same’ –
Because of you we met
My love, my marvelous, my friend.
You who came into my life
Untamed, undressed and unafraid,
Gathering the stars…
You inspired light-up in my heart
Movement in my limbs,
Stillness of my soul.


My Life has never been ‘the same’ –
Nor ever will it be.
In the garden, bed and tra-vel-ings
We share as lovers we agreed
No filtering of your beauty
And your truth by sounds of me.


My Life has never been ‘the same’ –
You encourage me to ‘new,’
Protect me from forgetting when
I thought I was alone.
You presented me the seed
The balance of my life would grow –
No yesterday can steal from me
The splendor of the changing now.


Gary Ibsen
January, 2020