Grandpa prays before every meal,
Reads his large print Bible
every day.
One full chapter out loud
followed by a hymn.

Every Sunday early we go to church,
We sit in the front pew.
One Sunday I felt sick,
but Grandpa made me stay.
I threw up over the railing
right in front of the Pastor…
I did tell him I was sick!

Grandpa said there was a pile of
freshly cut grass on which to play.
I laid out a house plan
with neat little rooms.
I sat in my little grass kitchen
making pretend lunch.
Nobody joined me
So I ate alone.

Later Grandpa
sits me down on his lap,
rubs his bristly chin
against my cheek.
It stings my face red
and I don’t care.

Shirley Tofte
February 2018