A look back at historical Creative Edge posts
October 12, 2017
Originally posted in 1994
By Carol Mathew-Rogers
On the subject of learning from others, I’d like to share a poem with you that I wrote during my initiation conference with Brugh Joy (a spiritual mentor). Brugh had glanced in my direction and I felt like he knew everything about me, especially the secrets even I didn’t know. It was shocking to me and very unsettling. After I wrote this poem, though, I began to feel that I was really writing about myself. That there could be a way that I could look into those dark passages and know. I was able to reclaim my own power, instead of projecting it on someone else. Slowly I’m learning to recognize myself as I deal with the outside world. It seems such a gigantic task where I make some wonderful breakthrough only to go immediately to sleep, stumbling along in my life, unconnected to my Spirit and Soul. But my optimistic side tells me that I need to follow this pattern, for now, anyway, in order to really process my spiritual progress. Of course, there are other characters inside me that have other, more negative, things to say about it, but I’ve listened to them long enough. Like the poem, I know.
– Carol Mathew-Rogers
One quiet glance,
One silent moment
Of wondrous breath held
Suspended in chaos
One quiet glance
One silent surge
Of truth passed
Through the center,
Glancing off frozen secrets
Reaching beyond
Careful schemes
One quiet glance and
He knows.
He knows.