Where is it written and
where have I heard the tale
that, in the beginning, we are all given a song,
forgotten as we tumble to earth-
that thunderous journey,
crossing safe border from womb to world
to spend our days searching
for how our own notes fit together.
Perhaps a simple melody
as we listen intently over the days.
A humming prelude, growing,
forming chords and scales,
adding sweet harmony at times.
Some days are sharps and flats.
Still, different verses are written
and our chorus repeats. Our song
giving us rhythm, finding the beat,
starting to move in time with
the tempo. Fluid and natural.
Your own secret and special composition
given, forgotten and found again-
the soundtrack for your life.
Turn up the volume, dance
it with your whole body.
Move, clap, stomp, and shake.
Whirl in dizzy circles with arms outstretched.
Sing it.

Laura Garfinkel
January 2019

Sacramento CA Bridge