A good night’s sleep
as a few​ microb​ial induced
​symptoms recede

​f​orceful dreamings
having had solid closures 
but ​none of those images
​are coming back to me

​t​hus in good health ​waking
to Solstice

I am with the Sun



​Beholding this moment

the​ electrified news ​of Thursday​
with all the atrocities and
horrors of the kosmos that I cannot bear

and beauties ​too ​beyond all reckoning
chorus​es​ of woodpeckers in the tall pines

along with the ​finches and other little birds I cannot name​


​M​editation​-​in​-communication this is
​my praxis in phases

of ​receptivity and transmitting

reaching near
and away



I feel the archaic factors in my life
infinite arms

of swirling galaxies

embodiments and signals continuously
arriving from the remotest edges

of knowable experience

​I feel ​W​hat-​Is-​Not-​Y​et​ becoming
​the ​unknown​ and unknowable

signal-lessly ​immediately


Glancing at ​the backs of my hands 
fingers flitting across the keyboard
​I ​​think I’m ready ​almost
​to press the send button​

and t​hen to make breakfast thank​s giving​
and proceed with sculptural blendings

of ​the specific gravities and spectra
​the various modalities of timeliness
​that I have to work with

​t​hrough and through at all scales ​too
​the ingredients of my death and ​the dyings

of all who are ​dearly departing
​in the​ verses of these​ very instants
​and ​for all living beings who have and ever ​will
come to live and must taste death

I pray without ceasing


​And with all that endures of these

Dawn ever-presently arises

meditation communication
​praxis of today


John Dotson
June 2018