The whole cosmos is my body
I am waking up to every birth without exception every scale of magnitude and environs
every death I will be dying today
in the shifting tides of the orderings disorderings through all particulate matters the organic tapestries
in sickness and celestial adversities
I attend the neighborhood crows
warblers and woodpeckers as Dawn spreads her wings AlphaXOmega
the shock of breathing in/out draws close her hymns
of gathering strength and
imminent collapse
I am enclosed in the yellow marrow of the pine arising unto the eastern burning sky
above the crawling silences
aching now for my friends known and unknown as I might find them helpfully
containing what is uncontainable
and everything we now love
is as we know eternally changing cloud masses rushing
over all our faces imaginable
with the newsfeed electrons and these holy places exactly as they are
the Earth is spinning faster
the Sun appears as a single star providing
generous options
for us living things we are
all offspring

John Dotson
October 2018